The Danish/European partner organizations
The International Course has been developed in collaboration with different church related organizations. The group of Danish partners who have sponsored students at our course has included following organizations: DanChurchAid, YMCA & YWCA, Y's Men International Region DK, Danish Mission Council Development Department, Areopagos, Danmission, Mission Africa, Promissio, Viva, International Aid Services, Future & Hope, the Baptist Union in DK, Farming4life, Assist, Apostolic Church Mission and some Danish dioceses.

The course helps our Danish/European partners to link closer to their partner organizations abroad. As they and the student from their partner organization get to know each other better, they exchange experience, share knowledge, build network and improve mutual cultural understanding. The students will have opportunities to meet representatives of their Danish/European partner organization - through visits or when possible by taking part in meetings, annual assemblies etc.

The role of the sending church or organization
The aim of the International Course is to educate students to work with diaconal and development projects in their home country. It is therefore important that all applicants return to church or church-related organizations that will assist them in transforming their new experience and training into solutions that are applicable in their own country and enhance diakonia and development in their church or organization. Thus the church or organization that recommends a student should consider how to support the student in doing that when he/she returns.

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