Requirements & Finance

The target group of the course
The course takes place in an international environment with students from various cultural, national and church backgrounds. The main target group is young people, who are actively involved in social, diaconal or development work either professionally or voluntarily, and who are willing to take up responsibility in their church or church based organization upon returning home. The organizations are encouraged to look for present or future key persons with potential for leadership for attending the course.


Requirements for attending the course
Applicants must:

  • Be able to speak and write English fluently on bachelor level. For the sake of the outcome of this course - for the student, as well as his/her classmates - this is absolutely necessary. Therefore the Danish/European partner is asked to confirm that the applicant meets the language requirements and the applicant must be able to fill in the application papers without help. Otherwise we recommend that he/she works on improving language skills before making an application.
  • Be interested in all course subjects, take active part in all teaching and do at least 12 hours homework pr. week. It is a full-time study, and it is not possible for the student to work for their organization, while they are here.
  • Take their part of the practical work at the school such as cleaning and kitchen duty.
  • Seek to build up good relations with fellow students – international as well as Danish.
  • Engage in a respectful interfaith dialogue and participate in our Christian devotions.
  • Be willing to share a double room with another international student.
  • Be committed to return to their home country to do diaconal or development work in a local church or church-related organization.
  • Most Non EU-citizens need a visa to go to Denmark.


The admission process is done in collaboration with a Danish/European partner of a local church or a church-based organization. The Danish/European partner will usually also be the sponsoring organization and it is responsible for:

  • The price of the course: 44.000 Danish Kroner. This includes meals, accommodation, teaching fee, teaching materials, excursions, study trips and pocket money.
  • Other expenses such as: travel from home to the school, travel to partners, fees in connection with applying for visa, and expenses for a travel insurance, which the applicant needs in order to enter the country.

The Diaconal College is not able to offer grants to students. They are therefore dependent on having a sponsoring organization or raising the money themselves.

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